Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Newspaper movie ads part 3..not in 3-D...

Well, here are some more newspaper ads from my scrapbook. The last two were taken from magazines, Mad Movies for Re-Animator and Tribute - a free mag given at the theater back in the days.

Clue with the three different endings in three different theaters...only in the 80's!

Yes, this movie was originally titled Horror Kid!

Ahhh..Razorback...a super duper rare movie now. Worth seeing for its photography of the australian landscape. A cross between Mad Max and Cujo!

Before Braindead - Dead Alive there was Herbert West Re-Animator...a classic.

I remember vividly seeing Return of the Living Dead at its opening night in the summer of 85. A friend, that hated horror movies , and I had a blast at the premiere. For a thirteen year old kid this movie was THE movie to see and brag about.

Next ads...clippings from 1986-1987!

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